Moving WordPress site from one location to other Location


Moving a database driven WP website to another new location is not as difficult task. You should simply need to move two things : Your files and your database. After you have successfully done that, all you have to do is ensure that everything is configured correctly such as references to your website URL, your .htaccess file and file permissions.

With WordPress, you do not have to do more modifications after you have transferred over your database and files.

One main problem is that you may face is uploading your database to its new location. This is a major task for many WordPress users during the migration process, which is why I have devoted a large part of this tutorial to it.

You should be follow these 8 step for movieing WP site one place to other place.

  1.  Take Backup Your Old Database
  2.  Take Backup Your Files
  3. Create a Database On Your New Server
  4.  Edit Your WP-Config.php File With Your New Database Information
  5. Upload Your Files to Your New Server
  6. Upload Your Database
  7. Replace References To your Old URL (this step is necessary if the URL of your website is changing)
  8. Login and Save Your Permalink Structure