Custom plug-in development

Plugins are programs, or a set of functions written in PHP which adds a specific set of features to your WordPress site. wpCodex is a web development service provider and offers wordpress development services across the globe.

wpCodex customize your plugins based on your inputs while enhancing the performance of every individual attribute that defines them.
With the help of wordpress plugin one can easily modify, customization, and enhancement his/her wordpress based website. With wordpress plugin one can add addition functionality in website without changing the core wordpress programming.

Our Plugin developers provide power packed features and custom plug-ins to augment the performance and productivity of your website. below are the feature services we provide in plugin

– Plug-in development and installation.
– Plug-in integration and customization.
– Plug-in upgrade, enhancement and modifications.

Our WordPress plugin development service helps add essential features and functionalities to your website. If you are looking to add any custom feature to your wordpress site, which is not available over the internet, then custom WordPress plugin development is an ideal choice to go for.

WordPress plug-in can be a tricky process as there are often in-compatibility and other plugin clashing issues associated with WordPress development. wpCodex can help you figure it easily. We analyze the plug-ins you need, find out where the conflicts are, and choose a suitable stable version or an alternative to help you enable it.