Employee Management System


Employee Management System

An Employee Is Someone Who Is Hired For An Organization To Do A Specific Task And Paid For Their Services. Employers Have Some Control Over Their Employees’ Actions, Income, And Benefits.
Responsibility Of An Employee Towards A Company
• Employees Must Arrive On Time And Must Be Ready To Work.
• Must Follow Company’s Rules And Regulations
• Must Not Be Absent Too Often Or For No Good Reason
• To Follow Their Employer’s Instructions
• Employees Must Be Well Groomed
• Employees Are Expected To Be Clean, Neat, And Tasteful Appearance.
• Them Work Together To Achieve A Common Goal.

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Company Responsibility For An Employee

• The First And The Foremost Responsibility Of An Organization Towards Its Employees Is To Ensure That They Are Happy And Satisfied With Their Jobs, Provide A Clean, Safe Working Environment.
• It Should Pay Attractive Salaries To All Its Employees. Other Incentives Like Bonuses, Overtime Allowance, Etc. Should Be Given To Them.
• The Employees Should Be Provided With Good Working Conditions Such As Adequate Lighting, Drinking Water, Etc., Necessary Steps Should Be Taken To Avoid Air, Water, And Sound Pollution.
• The Organization Should Guide And Provide Training Depending On The Nature Of The Job To Keep Employees Updated On The Latest Development Which In Turn Increases Their Efficiency.
• Companies Should Offer Adequate Opportunities For Promotion To Its Talented Employees.

How Can Make Happy Employee In Company

• Employees’ Work-life Balance Plays A Big Role In Their Happiness At Work.
• Listen To The Employees
• Building A Positive Work Environment
• Allowing Employees To Take Breaks.
• A Good Culture Will Motivate Employees To Perform And Fulfill The Organizational Goals.

Role Of Hr To Improve Employee And Company Relationship

Hr Can Play An Important Role In Building Strong Employee Relationships.
• Hrs Make Sure All Your Team Members Take Their Lunch Together And They Are Also A Part Of It.
• To Ensure That Employees Don’t Remain As Strangers, Hrs Can Organize Team Potlucks.
• Hrs Organize Team Building Activities Build And Strengthen Relationships.
• Another Very Important Pointer For Employee Relationship Management Is Involving Employees. To Maintain A Fair And Unbiased Work Environment, Hrs Include Everyone In Your Discussions. Everyone Is Given The Opportunity To Share Their Ideas And Express Their Opinions.
• Hr Should Treat Each And Every Individual As One And Avoid Partialities At Work.
• Hr Should Always Be Accessible To His Employees.
• Hr Should Be Friendly With Their Team.