Widgets in WordPress


Widget is very main feature provides by WordPress. Widgets are a way of adding different pieces of content to your theme in the sidebars, footer and any other “Widget” areas that your theme may provide, each theme is different, but most will include at least a sidebar area to house these. They are accessed via “Appearance” > “Widgets”, where you will see a list of available widgets on the left-hand side and your areas on the right. To add a widget to your site, you simply drag and drop the required one over to the desired area.

Once the widget is in place on the right, you can click on it to open it, and you will see each widget has some different options you can set. For example, here the “Categories” widget will display a list of all the categories on your site.

By default WordPress themes will include the following default widgets:

  • Archives – A monthly archive of your site’s posts.
  • Calendar – A calendar of your site’s posts.
  • Categories – A list or drop-down of categories.
  • Custom Menu – Add a custom menu to your sidebar.
  • Meta – Login, RSS, & WordPress.org links.
  • Pages – A list of your site’s pages.
  • Recent Comments – Your site’s most recent comments.
  • Recent Posts – Your site’s most recent posts.
  • RSS – Entries from any RSS or Atom feed.
  • Search – A search form for your site.
  • Tag Cloud – A cloud of your most used tags.
  • Text – Arbitrary text or HTML.

Widgets in WordPress