Types of Themes in WordPress


In WordPress there are so many themes for creating a website for a schools, a colleges, a hotel, a photography portfolio and so on. There are also a lot of more generalized themes, business owners and so on. Most themes can be broken down into one of the following categories:

  • Blogging – Designed to be used for blogging as the main purpose
  • Business – For creating complete corporate-style websites
  • Portfolio – For displaying images or videos
  • Magazine – Similar to blog themes but used for more complex layouts
  • eCommerce – Used to build online stores
  • Multi-Purpose – Larger themes which can be used for different purposes
  • App – A more complex theme designed for a singular purpose, e.g., a directory, job board or real estate site
  • Frameworks – A basis to create your own custom themes on top of

Different types of themes have own different styling and functionality within them, so it’s worth carefully reading the theme description and checking out the demo for the theme to see if it will suit your needs.